Psychic Predictions

Psychic Predictions

Do Psychics have the ability to predict the future? Nostradamus used quatrains to either hide his visions or make them relevant to almost anything.

Bible Code Predictions

Bible Codes

The Bible Codes have a good record on sharing facts about the future. Comet 2012/S1 also known are Comet ISON demonstrated the power of the Bible Code Prophecies.


Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories - Some of these theories are related to governments, murder, suppression of secret technology, knowledge, political, cultural, or historical events.


UFOs and Aliens

Are alien spies watching us right now? Are UFOs abducting our loved ones while they are sleeping?



Near Death Experiences have been reported throughout the world. When someone dies does he get to see the people around him before going to heaven?

Code Secrets

Bible Code Secrets and Gods Grace

Are the Bible Codes Gods way of warning us of what might happen in the future?

Mayan Prophecies

Mayan Psychic Predictions

Was the Mayan Calendar Wrong? The Mayans predicted doomsday on December 21, 2012 or did they? Could their predictions been a few years off? Are the elite hiding the real doomsday date?

Psychics future

Psychics and World Ending Events

Psychics Predictions can warn us about future disasters.